Burnshirt Valley Farm


Rotationally grazed, free range, for the mutual benefit of pigs and pasture. From day
one, the piglets are able to roam the entire farm, foraging for grass, nuts, and bugs.

Chops: Rich and flavorful. Two per package, one inch thick about one pound per chop.

Country Style Ribs: Six long one inch by one inch strips of meat with a little bone up top. Three to four lb. per package.

Spare Ribs: The best meat is closest to the bone, and you don’t get any closer than on a rack of ribs. You are sure to be delighted with how much meat you will find, making this cut a great side or the main dish.

Ham Steaks: Ranging from two to three lb. per steak, they can easily be defrosted and divided up into smaller steaks, providing a meal for the whole family. The ham steaks are fresh, allowing them to be substituted for chops or lend well to marinading in BBQ sauce for cooking out on the grill.

Shoulder Steaks: A darker cut of pork, excellent for the grill or making smaller batches of pulled pork in the slow cooker.

Roasts: Large, well marbled cuts. Butt and shank. All fresh. Makes an excellent pulled pork.

Pork Bellies:

Sausage: Available in hot and sweet Italian, or Breakfast. Just enough fat to add juice and flavor.

Bacon: Sliced thick.

We are a family farm, operating since 1980, providing Heritage pork, piglets, chicken, and duck. We’re building towards sustainability through diversity, taking the innovations of today alongside ideas of the past.

At Burnshirt Valley Farm, our own Free Range Heritage Breed Pork and piglets are rotationally grazed for the mutual benefit of pigs and pasture. We keep our own breeding stock, a heritage Tamworth boar, two Tamworth sows, and one China sow, which ensures the availability of healthy piglets.

From day one, the piglets are able to roam the entire farm, foraging for grass, nuts, and bugs. At eight weeks, they are weaned from the sow and moved to separate housing in large pens. The pens are moved once the ground has been thoroughly disturbed, bringing rocks to the surface and removing brush and other less desirable plants. The pigs are moved in this fashion until they reach market weight. We feed our pigs Poulin grain, which provides the bulk of their feed. They’re supplemented with local hay for additional winter forage.

Farmers’ Markets

We have tables at a few farmer’s markets in central and eastern Massachusetts. Don’t hesitate to call for confirmation.

Pickup & Drop-off

Simply call or email us with your orders and we will make arrangements for pick-up or drop-off in the central Massachusetts region. We can travel farther for larger orders and business partnerships.

Restaurant Partnerships

Burnshirt Valley Farm can work with restaurants in the region to provide sustainably raised, local meat for your menu. If you are looking to add a special item, integrate a seasonal dish, or create a long-term relationship, we would love to be your local, free range meat provider.

Payment & Deposits

A five-dollar deposit is required for advanced orders. You can pay by check. Please send your contact information and a summary of your order along with your payment.

Check: Make checks payable to Floyd Kelley.

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Floyd Kelley

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